Presentation of results of the X edition of the AUB Observatory

Ten years of family capitalism. This is the focus of the X edition of AUB (AIDAF-UniCredit-Bocconi) Observatory about Italian family firms, managed by Guido Corbetta, Fabio Quarato and Alessandro Minichilli of the AIDAF-EY Chair of Bocconi University. The results were presented on November 27th, 2018, at Bocconi University.

The X edition of the AUB Observatory shows the comparison between family firms in 2007 and family firms in 2017. During these ten years, many extraordinary events have contributed to change the Italian family capitalism. The results show that the family capitalism in the Italian economy has increased both in terms of numbers (firms with revenues higher than 50 million euros in 2017 are more than those registered in 2007) and of total employment and total revenues. The results of family firms in terms of both profitability and financial strength have returned to pre-crisis levels.

At the same time, it should be noted that about 40% of family firms in 2017 have changed compared to those of 2007. For this reason, it is important to keep promoting entrepreneurship (in order to create new firms) and helping firms with their growth and family cohesion processes (in order to increase the chances of endurance).

The AUB Observatory on Italian Family Businesses - promoted by AIdAF (Italian Association of Family Firms), UniCredit, "AIdAF-EY Chair in Strategic Management of Family Business" of Bocconi University and Angelini Foundation, with the collaboration of Borsa Italiana and Milan, MonzaBrianza and Lodi Chamber of Commerce - represents the most comprehensive and extensive analysis available in Italy on the ownership, governance and leadership of Italian companies: it monitors all 16,845 Italian companies with a turnover higher than 20 million euros, with a major focus on 11,176 family-controlled firms.

The X edition of the Observatory also highlights 500 "Benchmark" family firms that have shown economic and financial performance higher than the median of their industry, in terms of growth, profitability and financial strength.

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