History and mission


The AIdAF-Alberto Falck Chair in Strategic Management in Family Business was established in 2004 by the Bocconi University with the aim to widespread the consciuosness about the importance of Family Business in the most developed economies and in the academic system as a leading research field.The idea to promote a chair focused on Family Business in the Bocconi University emerged from the study of the characteristics of the italian entrepreneurial system, mainly composed of family-owned small-medium companies.

The AIdAF-Alberto Falck Chair, the first in Italy focused on Family Business, is currently financed by AIdAF (Italian Family Firms Association), by the Falck Foundation and by a group of leading italian family firms.

Mission of the AIdAF-Alberto Falck Chair is the development of research, teaching and institutional activities related to Family Business. The Chair is member of IFERA (International Family Enterprise Research Academy) and of FBN (Family Business Network) and has recently supported the launch of ITFERA (Italian Family Enterprise Research Academy).

The AIdAF-Alberto Falck Chair is managed by Prof. Guido Corbetta, Full Professor of Strategic Management at the Bocconi University.